Software Projects

Research – Software Engineer Staff Lockheed Martin

Working on the Virtual World Framework ( This site is a browser based 3D simulation and gaming replicated world technology allowing multiple users to experience and interact with the same environments in real time using standard web technology including HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, WebGL (three.js), WebScokets, and WebRTC.This project is open source, and I have served on the VWF Core Team as Systems Administrator, Software Engineer, Configuration Manager, and Baseline Manager throughout our Agile sprints.  You can find our latest baseline on GitHub at

Orlando, Florida Area

I’m the Chief Engineer for the development effort to create Search and Tagger applications to showcase the power of the Learning Resource Metadata Initiative (LRMI).

The LRMI is a project funded by both the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

It is co-lead by the Association of Education Publishers and Creative Commons.

This effort is aimed to create a common vocabulary for describing educational content to improve end-user search and discovery of educational resources. Our efforts at LM are focused on creating two applications that will be released as open source. The first is a tagging application to enable publishers of educational content to easily create metadata in XML which conforms to the LRMI and standards. This metadata can be included in existing sites for indexing by the Creative Commons members (Google, Bing and Yahoo!) as well as provided to The Learning Registry, part of the Shared Learning Collaborative.

The second application we are creating is a Search application that will allow users to connect to a search provider and provide sophisticated filtering features based on LRMI and related tags that are relevant to education resource consumers.

I’m managing all aspects of the engineering Agile development effort with several iterative releases through January 2013.  The final product can be found at

Senior Software Integration Lead Lockheed Martin

Normal responsibilities include support for hardware and software laboratories, liaison with other engineering disciplines and lines of business, corporate contact, and execution of enterprise affordability initiatives.

Support of customer operations at Eglin Air Force Base requiring Site Integration, Validation, and Verification between Integrated Product Teams (IPTs). Lead on Change Board (Defect Tracking in ClearQuest) providing analysis and reporting metrics to senior management.

Support the development of training systems, software life-cycle agile processes(SCRUM, XP, Iterative), and quality standards within the Flight Software organization, as well as guide, maintain, and develop flight software technical capabilities and products for the F-35 program.

Provide management oversight to concept trade studies, software verification & validation, subsystem requirements generation, software and system processes and requirements, and flight training software tech refresh cycles.

Serve as the lead technical expert on program for site delivery and integration of multiple delivery schedules and products including site furnishings, data center computing racks, flight training and simulation systems, all training system software packages, desktop flight simulation software, and course-ware.

Manage multiple vendors and customers in a global environment utilizing web based project management software(LiveLink, SharePoint) to virtually manage remote software teams and distribute tasking and information. Tailored policies, plans, and procedures to support process improvements to workflow.

Motivate employees to perform productively and set an example of execeptional technical and organizational behavior. Established and communicated both programmatic and corporation mission, vision, and goals.

Utilize technical communication skills including the ability to speak, write and listen in a manner that clarifies issues, promotes closure, and delivers information in a clear and concise manner.

Engineering Leadership Development Program Graduate Lockheed Martin

Coached and Mentored by Fellow Dr. Steven Tourville, and Senior Fellow Richard Boggs – Lockheed Martin Fellows Program.

Exposed to the Lockheed Martin Corporate Fellows Program by playing a support role for 2008-2010 Fellows Conferences as well as playing a pivotal role in increasing the use of web collaboration among Fellow members.

Created and led successful projects during the program such as:
– creating a prototype, and then full fledged publishing platform utilizing Microsoft SharePoint to save the company $4.6 million a year over SAP Portal license fees.  Received the Lockheed Martin Galaxy Award for this work.
– developing the Innovator’s Garage to provide an engineering area for new idea development and testing outside of programs.
– creating an outreach program for the local community for STEM culminating in over 2,400 students being brought together with Lockheed Engineers to inspire and promote awareness of the importance of STEM in the classroom.