Ultimate Guide on How to Connect AWeber to WordPress

Want to connect AWeber with your WordPress site? AWeber is the one of the most popular email marketing services on the web. In this ultimate guide, we will show you how to connect AWeber to WordPress. Why Email List is Important? Ever wondered why all… Read More »

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Want to connect AWeber with your WordPress site? AWeber is the one of the most popular email marketing services on the web. In this ultimate guide, we will show you how to connect AWeber to WordPress.

Complete guide on connecting Aweber and WordPress

Why Email List is Important?

Ever wondered why all popular websites like Facebook, Twitter, New York Times, want your email address?

The answer is really simple. Email is the best way to reach your customers.

Not everyone has a Facebook or Twitter account, but everyone has an email address. Most people check their email multiple times a day. With push notifications enabled on phones, people are hooked up to their email 24/7.

Email gives you much closer and personal access to your customers than any other marketing or communication tool available today.

Learn more about why you should start building your email list right away.

Having said that, let’s see how you can get started with AWeber to build your email list.

What is AWeber?

AWeber is an email marketing service provider. Unlike your personal email service provider (Gmail, your ISP, web mail services), AWeber specializes in sending mass emails.

You can use AWeber to send regular email updates to your blog subscribers.

It is a paid service and their pricing starts from $19/month for 500 subscribers and unlimited emails. You get first month for free as part of the trial.

How to Setup AWeber

Visit the AWeber website and sign up for an account.

AWeber signup

You will be asked to provide personal and credit card information.

Remember, that AWeber offers free 30 day trial. If you cancel before the trial period, then your credit card will not be charged.

Upon signup, you need to click on let’s get started button to continue.

Getting started with your first email list

You will be asked to provide your company name, website, and an address. This address will appear at the bottom of your emails.

A valid postal address is required by the CAN-SPAM Act. It improves the deliverability of your emails and protects you against spam filters.

Provide a postal address

After that you need to enter sender’s name and email address. This name and email address will be used in outgoing emails for your list.

Sender name and email

Click on the next step button to continue.

You will be asked to provide a name and description for your email list. This name and description will be used internally and will help you locate your email list in the AWeber dashboard.

Provide listname and description

Click on the next step button to continue.

You need to select a subject line for the confirmation email. This email is sent to users to verify their email address when they sign up for your email list.

AWeber will give you a list of preapproved subject lines. You can choose the one that fits your needs.

You can also create your own subject line. However, an AWeber staff must approve your custom subject line to prevent abuse and spam. This could take at least 1 business day.

Adding a subject line

Click on Create List button to continue.

You have successfully created an AWeber account and also created your first email list.

Now we will show you how to add AWeber email signup forms to your WordPress site.

Adding AWeber Signup Forms

There are multiple ways to add an AWeber email signup form to your WordPress site. There are default AWeber sign up forms that you can copy and paste from your AWeber account.

There are also highly optimized signup forms created with OptinMonster. These signup forms will get you many more signups. See how we increased our email subscribers by 600% using OptinMonster.

There are also custom signup forms that you can create with WPForms, the most beginner friendly contact form plugin for WordPress.

We will show you all these methods in this guide. Let’s get started.

Default AWeber Signup Forms

AWeber comes with easy tools that allow you to create your own signup forms and embed them into your WordPress site.

Simply login to your AWeber website and click on Signup forms.

AWeber signup forms

On the next page, click on create a new signup form button to continue.

This will bring you to AWeber’s form builder tool. It comes with handy templates that you can choose as a starting point. You can then edit the form by clicking on an item in the live preview.

Design your signup form in AWeber

Once you are satisfied with the form design, you need to click on go to step 2 button.

This will bring you to form settings. You can choose what happens when users fill out form. Best option is to redirect them to a page on your own WordPress site.

Form settings

Next option is what happens, if a user is already subscribed. Again you can create a page on your WordPress site and redirect users there.

Click on go to step 3 button.

Save your form and then click on ‘I will install my own form’.

AWeber will now show you two sets of codes that you can add to your WordPress site to display a signup form.

Click on ‘Raw HTML Version’ and copy the code.

Get your form code

Now you need to visit your WordPress admin area and click on Appearance » Widgets.

From the list of available widgets, drag and drop Text widget to a sidebar where you want to display your signup form.

Signup form in widget

Paste the signup form code you copied from AWeber in the widget’s textarea. Click on the save button to store your widget settings.

That’s all, you can now visit your website to see the signup form in action.

Adding AWeber Signup Forms with OptinMonster

As you saw, adding a basic AWeber signup form in WordPress is quite easy. However, the basic forms are not ideal for high conversions.

You need forms that get people to notice your signup form.

This is where OptinMonster comes in. It is the most popular lead generation tool in the market. It allows you to create beautiful sign up forms that are easily noticeable, highly engaging, and incredibly powerful.

OptinMonster comes with different kinds of signup forms such as exit-intent popups, floating bar, after post forms, sidebar forms, slide-in forms, full screen welcome gates, and more.

It comes with powerful features like MonsterLinks (2-step optins), Scroll detection, A/B testing, page level targeting, and more.

OptinMonster works with all popular email marketing services including AWeber.

Adding AWeber Signup Form Using WPForms

WPForms is the most beginner friendly contact form plugin for WordPress. It comes with an AWeber addon, which allows you to add AWeber to your contact form or create custom AWeber signup forms anywhere in your WordPress site.

Step 1: Install AWeber Addon

First thing you need to do is install and activate the WPForms plugin. For more details, see our step by step guide on how to install a WordPress plugin.

After installing WPForms plugin, simply go to WPForms » Addons page. Click on the Install Addon button next to AWeber Addon.

Install AWeber Addon

WPForms will now fetch and install the Addon and will show you a success message. After that you need to click on the Activate button to start using AWeber Addon with WPForms.

Activate AWeber addon

Step 2: Connect WPForms to Your AWeber Account

Now that you have successfully installed AWeber addon, the next step is to connect your WordPress site to your AWeber account.

Visit WPForms » Settings page and then click on the Integrations tab.

There you will find AWeber integration option. Clicking on it will display ‘Add Account’ button, which will display two fields.

AWeber integration under WPForms settings

You will also see a link, labeled ‘Click here to authorize’. Clicking on the link will open a popup window where you will be asked to sign into your AWeber account.

Sign in to your AWeber account

After entering your AWeber account username and password click on ‘Allow Access’ button.

AWeber will now verify your credentials and will then show you an authorization code.

AWeber Authorization Code

Simply copy the code and paste it in WPForms settings page. You can use anything in the Account Nickname field. Next, click on Connect to AWeber button to continue.

WPForms will now connect to your AWeber account. It will show ‘Connected’ status next to your AWeber integration.

Step 3: Creating AWeber Signup Forms with WPForms

Visit WPForms » Add New to create a new form.

WPForms comes with handy templates to create the most common forms. One of these templates is Newsletter Signup Form, which comes pre-populated with email signup form fields.

Adding new Newsletter Signup Form in WPForms

Clicking on it will launch the form builder where you can edit the form. You can add or remove fields to your form, rearrange them, add description, etc.

Editing a form in WPForms

Once you are satisfied with your form, click on the Marketing tab and then click on AWeber. You will need to click on the ‘Add New Connection’ button.

Connecting form to your email list

You will be asked to provide a nickname for this connection. You can use any nickname you like.

WPForms will now fetch your AWeber account information. You will need to select your AWeber account and email list that you want to use.

After that you need to select list fields you want to add to your form fields.

Connect form fields to email list fields

Don’t forget to click on the save button. You can now exit form builder.

Step 4: Embedding Form in WordPress

There are multiple ways you can add your AWeber signup form. WPForms allows you to add forms to any WordPress post, page, or widget using the shortcode.

You can find the shortcode by visiting WPForms » All Forms page.

Form shortcode

You can also use the WPForms widget to embed form in sidebar. Visit Appearance » Widgets page.

Under the list of available widgets you will find WPForms widget. Add this widget to the sidebar where you want to display your signup form.

WPforms Widget

Send WordPress Posts to AWeber Email List

AWeber makes it super simple to send new WordPress posts to your email subscribers. Here is how you would setup WordPress RSS to AWeber newsletter.

Simply log in to your AWeber dashboard and click on the Messages » Blog Broadcasts.

AWeber blog broadcasts

On the next screen, click on the create a broadcast button to continue.

You will now be asked to provide your WordPress site’s RSS feed URL and choose a subject line.

Setting up RSS to newsletter

After which you can select a template from the left and then click on the load template button. You will notice that the HTML area will automatically fill in with the template.

You can continue editing this template or scroll down to the bottom and start setting up how to send new feed items to your users.

When to send RSS to Email newsletter

Once you are done, simply click on save broadcast button at the bottom.

That’s all, AWeber will now automatically send new blog posts to your email list users.

We hope this ultimate guide on how to connect WordPress to AWeber helped you build and grow your email list. You may also want to see our expert pick of 40 useful tools to manage and grow your WordPress blog

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WPForms – Most Beginner Friendly WordPress Contact Form Plugin

Not a single day goes by where someone doesn’t ask us about what is the best WordPress contact form plugin? With so much demand and the recent WPBeginner survey responses, it became clear that we needed to build a WordPress forms plugin. So we did.… Read More »

The post WPForms – Most Beginner Friendly WordPress Contact Form Plugin appeared first on WPBeginner.

Not a single day goes by where someone doesn’t ask us about what is the best WordPress contact form plugin? With so much demand and the recent WPBeginner survey responses, it became clear that we needed to build a WordPress forms plugin. So we did.

WPForms Header Image

Today, we are extremely proud to announce the launch of WPForms, a drag & drop WordPress form builder that is hands-down the most beginner friendly WordPress contact form plugin in the market.

Now with just a few clicks, you can easily create a beautiful contact form, email subscription form, payment form, and other type of online forms without writing a single line of code.

Since a lot of our audience is churches, non-profits, and startups who don’t necessarily have a budget to afford a premium plugin, WPForms Lite is 100% free and has all the basic features that you will need.

For those who want all the features that WPForms has to offer such as multi-page forms, payment integrations, marketing integrations, conditional logic, and more, then you should check out our premium version.

See the video overview of WPForms below:

WPForms Features

Unlike other contact form plugins, WPForms is not built from a feature-first mindset rather it’s built from a user-experience first mindset.

What that means is that you can actually use all the features that WPForms comes with without having to hire a developer or learning how to code.

We literally took the pain out of creating online forms and made it easy. Below are some of the features why smart business owners, bloggers, designers, and even developers love WPForms, and you will too.

Drag & Drop Online Form Builder

WPForms Online Form Builder

We built WPForms with WPBeginner users in mind, so our goal was to make everything extremely easy to use.

Our drag & drop online form builder allows you to create WordPress forms in minutes. You can easily add custom form fields, rearrange them, and basically create a complete form in 5 minutes or less (no coding required).

Pre-Built Form Templates

Form Templates

We believe in creating smart workflows that make complex tasks easy.

Most other contact form plugins require you to build your form from scratch, but the truth is that it’s often not necessary unless you absolutely want to.

WPForms comes with pre-built form templates to help you save time. You can add, remove, or re-arrange fields as necessary.

Whether you’re looking to create a simple contact form, request a quote form, donation form, payment order form, or a subscription form, we have a form template for you.

Mobile Ready, SEO Friendly, and Optimized for Speed

WPForms is 100% responsive and mobile-friendly.

Since speed is crucial for user experience and SEO, we optimized every query on the front-end and the back-end to ensure maximum speed.

You can embed your forms on any page with optimized title and description giving you all the flexibility you want from a contact form plugin.

All the Fields & Features that You Need

WPForms Features

WPForms has all the fields and features that you are looking for.

From radio buttons to file uploads to multi-page forms, it can do everything you need it to do.

You can easily integrate your forms with an email marketing service like MailChimp or AWeber. You can collect payments for bookings and orders with PayPal (Our Stripe integration is coming soon).

The best part is that you can do all of this without hiring a developer.

See the full list of WPForms features along with videos of each.

Why did we build WPForms? (History)

Our founder and CEO, Syed Balkhi, has a great behind the scenes of WPForms blog post that goes into details on why we built WPForms.

To keep the story short, the most popular WordPress contact form plugin, Contact Form 7, has over 4 million active installs.

This is their version of “simple and flexible”:

Contact Form 7 UI

So why is it so popular? Because a lot of users can’t afford to purchase a premium option, and Contact Form 7 is free.

Now you have a much better alternative that’s actually easy to use and free: WPForms Lite.

Our mission for WPForms is to build a WordPress forms plugin that’s EASY for beginners, marketers, and business owners who are not tech savvy.

A quote from Syed Balkhi’s blog post explains it all:

We made simple tasks EASY rather than letting the complex tasks define how hard simple will be.

Limited Time Special

If you’re interested in the premium version of WPForms, then you’d be crazy to miss out on this deal.

Like any other premium plugin, WPForms licenses require annual renewal for updates and support.

However for limited time only, we’re offering an ULTIMATE lifetime license for our early supporters.

What that means is that you get grandfathered in, so you don’t ever have to pay for annual updates and support while still enjoying every new feature that we will ever release.

Get WPForms NOW!

Use this WPForms coupon code: WPB10 to get an additional 10% off your purchase.

This is a limited time launch special, and it will expire so take advantage of it while it lasts.

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