How To Let Go Of Your Past To Bring About Your Future


Too often I talk to people that have become complacent, have built up their walls, and have become so jaded that they forget the magic and mystery of the world around them.  They forget that 150 years ago, man did not fly, radios did not exist, television did not exist, and we rubbed radium on our teeth as a way to make them glow for fashion.  We live in such a technologically advanced world today that the magic of how it all works has become mundane.  I challenge everyone that has become complacent in their now to embrace and contemplate the world around them that joins the beauty of the natural night sky above with a weave of information that unites every human being on this planet.  There is so much to be amazed by – embrace that joy your soul feels when you realize how truly astounding it is, and challenge yourself to change your thoughts and your habits today to reach a better, more successful future for yourself and for those around you tomorrow.

I challenge you to change your attitude through small actions:

  1. Compliment one person every day.
  2. Turn off the television.
  3. For every negative thought you have and catch, think a positive thought about how you can affect change to make this negative disappear from your reality.
  4. Meditate for one full minute at least once a day.
  5. Name three things every day you are thankful for.
  6. Do ten pushups every time you feel yourself getting anxious.
  7. Read 5 pages of a novel daily – let your mind take a mental vacation.
  8. Go outside and walk 100 steps.  Observe the world around you, and breathe deeply.
  9. Drink one glass of water in silence of both your voice and your mind.

Once you start on these small things, you will find that the calmness and peace of mind that arises within you will help you challenge your anxiety for the future, reduce your stress for the present, and allow you to let go of the past.  Once you do, you will normally find that today’s mountains are really mole hills.

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